Irvin Dally: Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You

Irvin Dally is a singer/songwriter living in the in between areas of retrospective folk, and the forward looking post-rock world. He is currently based in Los Angeles, but thanks his nomadic parents for allowing him to grow up in all the wonderful variety that is these United States. Irvin believes that this transience experience allowed him to soak up our national flavor, and currently he expresses this feeling in song.

The good folks over at Tune Parade recently caught up with Dally for an impromptu performance on their series, The Ice Cream Session. In this video he performs one of my all time favorite Bob Dylan songs, Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You, from his classic 1969 album Nashville Skyline. At this stage in his career Dylan was singing with his most refined tenor croon, and Irvin Dally shares that same talent. Now if only he could find his own personal Robbie Robertson or Joan Baez to collaborate with he might just be alright. You dig?