Inbal Dimri

We have a cool new discovery to share with you this morning. Inbal Dimri is a singer-songwriter from Israel and she has a five song EP you should listen to.

I discovered Inbal via friend of the Dig David Pollack. After he played our first Those Who Dig presents show, Inbal got in touch and sent some of her music. She and David are friends; he produced one of her songs, "Baby Blue." With its rhythmic drive and steady build, this track leads the EP and serves as a great introduction to Inbal. She has a strong voice that can be gentle or powerful as needed. The song includes several stringed instruments that give a lovely texture, in addition to guitar and piano, which are featured throughout the work.

Lyrically, this is a compelling portrait of relationships and the challenges of being close with someone emotionally even if you are far physically. We all have loved ones in our lives and at some point or another, we have to be away from them, ironically often in situations where it is to our benefit to do so. Maybe it's purely romantic, but it could be leaving home to go away to school or traveling to a new place or being on the road for work. The tyranny of distance. Yet, I think the song takes an overall hopeful outlook on the possibility of being reunited or of at least keeping those connections intact.

"You Are" is a more delicate track, with picked-out acoustic guitar and a narrative that places us squarely into an intimate moment between two people. Inbal has a nice way of creating these kinds of stories that suggests they come from a personal place, but which also tap into universal human experience. "Tomorrow," has what seems to be a more Middle Eastern feel and the most danceable backing track. Being a little bit exotic and murky, it shows another side of her. "Too Much" grabs immediately with its opening line of "Even though you've ruined my life, I still come back every night to your arms." It captures the all too common and complex situation of being in a bad situation and grappling with how to get out of it – if you even can. The EP closes with "Running," which has a contemporary pop feel with its piano chords and drum pulse.

Altogether, it's an enjoyable work and I'm sure Inbal will continue to make worthwhile music. I look forward to hearing more and the chance that she will someday perform in New York City. Follow the links above to reach her bandcamp page and purchase the EP at whatever price you choose and you can check out her Youtube channel here.