I'd Marry Karen O if She Spoke to Me Only in Song

What causes a song to leap off of an album at me? Do these specific elements apply just to me, or will I find that some that are universal? And if they are universal, is this what ultimately creates widely regarded "classic" songs (Like a Rolling Stone for example)?

I guess it must be said that historical surroundings or topicality aren't my focus (at the moment). So while some songs are classics because of their protest messages or whatnot, I'm more concerned with what it is about the music and it's energy that makes it so great.

-apologies for the lame video, but they didn't make one for this song and I couldn't find it live.-

So what the hell is it about this song that I can't get enough of? It's not even an album track, so apparently it didn't even make the cut in the band's eyes. And I like the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, but I'm not a huge fan.

First thing that I notice is the pervasive percussion; I'm a sucker for a song led by a simple drum fill. Karen O gives a lovely, understated vocal performance. It's a nice contrast to her usual yelping. Lyrically, it's a straight forward love song, but it doesn't delve into cheesy, bland, or blatant. I like what she does with the melody, pronouncing each syllable as if it were a separate word before lingering on the last two syllables of each verse and chorus.

These elements all blend for me into a fantastic, light, quirky, solid piece of songwriting that won't get the hell out of my head.