Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Holy Ghost Tent Revival – Get Over Yourself

Holy Ghost Tent Revival – Honey Beware


If you want an idea of what Holy Ghost Tent Revival's sound is like, check out the "Influences" section on their MySpace page. I dare you. Ok, you're too lazy? Well here's a teaser:

"The Books, CCC, George Harrison, The Format, Iggy Pop, Postal Service, Nick Drake, James Taylor, Wings, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, The Beach Boys, Ray Charles, CSNY, Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, The Beatles…"

The list is a total amalgamation of genre, era, and reputation. The odd thing is, it doesn't come across as pretentious. HGTR are all over the map and their eclectic nature is our gain. The music is based in roots, bluegrass, and dixie, but it transcends the usual constraints of those genres.  There's some Avett Brothers here in the honesty and joy of the songwriting (and in the occasional scream). But where the Avetts usually rely on three instruments to allow the emotion to speak, HGTR pack in the instrumentation. Every song is like a raucous house party with a band of drunk, life-long friends jamming in the other room. 

Holy Ghost Tent Revival's 2009 release, So Long I Screamed, makes me want to brown bag a jug of wine and amble down the streets of New Orleans. All around me guys and gals in 50's dress would be dancing and singing, until a warm rain starts and we all pile into some barn while the band plays on. I'm sure there's a somewhat definite number of members in the band, but I sure as hell couldn't tell you what that number is from listening to the album. The songs are parties in themselves; the fun atmosphere of the recording sessions is tangible, but is it just a cover? Behind most songs is a gracious heartbreak; a polite ode to a love lost. These boys lay out their hearts and it injects the music with an emotional honesty that's usually obscured these days by opaque metaphor or ignored all together.

Holy Ghost Tent Revival are touring and I'm unbelievably excited that they will soon be coming to Erie. I can only imagine how great their live show is. Listen to some tunes and be sure to catch them if they come to your town.

They also recently did a Daytrotter Session that is certainly worth checking out.