hexaCollective: Winter Marathon Concert

The hexaCollective is a relatively new project in the Balitmore/DC area. If you have not yet had the pleasure of getting to know them, let me introduce you. Dig Nation, this is the hexaCollective. hexaCollective, this is the Dig Nation. Let's be friends. You dig? 

hexaCollective is a group of singers and instrumentalists that works to fill the niche of diverse chamber and solo music programming.

The origin of the name hexaCollective draws from the six voice categories (soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass). The collective also includes instrumentalists, composers and others collaborators.

This Baltimore/DC based group's foundation is centered on the desire to explore possibilities in new works, some commissioned specifically for the ensemble or rarely performed pieces, with the intent of premiering several such works. 

This consortium of talented and adroit musicians is gathering Saturday Dec. 10th at The Mt. Vernon Music Space, 1015 N. Charles St. for their Winter Marathon Concert. Like the collective itself, it will traverse time and genre with music from XenakisRavelVivaldiBoulanger, and Debussy. Tickets are $5 for children/students and $10 for adults. The concert will begin with the vocal portion of the show at 6:15 pm before yielding to the instrumental serving at 7:30.

I love musicians who take it upon themselves to create opportunity. I'm thankful that there is space in our concert halls, galleries, and annexes, for these passionate people, but I am most satisfied with the fact that they are not only finding audiences, but are connecting with them in a sustained and meaningful way. I look forward to seeing where the hexaCollective will be years from now because I know the quality of individuals running this outfit, and I would not bet against them.

If you would like to support the 2011/2012 hexaCollective concert season by making a tax deductible donation, you can do so through their Fractured Atlas account. The hexaCollective can be contacted by way of their webpage, facebook, and twitter

CONCERT LOCATION ADMENDMENT: Tonight's hexaCollective concert will now be held at Old Saint Paul's Church at 309 Cathedral Street Baltimore MD.