Help Fund the New Palomino Album

Friend of the Dig and all-around great rock band Palomino needs your help to make their debut album. They just started an indiegogo campaign and I encourage to check out the details of this worthy artistic endeavor. 

I've had the pleasure of getting to know Elijah, Mike, and Pat though the Digcast and from their participation in the very first Those Who Dig Presents show. They're cool guys and they make good music. I like their self-titled debut EP, and when they played our show in November, I heard several new songs that I imagine could make it into the proper full length. 

Now the band needs some help to make that full length a reality. They are looking to raise $5000. I believe they deserve it, and I encourage you to watch the video above and check out the campaign details at this page. They explain what the specific costs within that total are offer many incentives for all different levels of donations. At a minimum, you can think of a donation as buying the record in advance. As of this writing they have already cleared $1,000 and have 46 days to raise the rest.  Help them out if you can. 

I leave you with the closing words from the video, words which echo strongly what Dave and I are trying to support at Those Who Dig:

"So if you believe in great records and honest songs from the heart and music and for music's sake, help Palomino realize their dream album of 2013."