Harry Oakwood (Millionaire)

Releasing their debut EP July second of this year, Harry Oakwood (Millionaire) is a self-described "streamlined ocean liner of music, steering a true and steady path through an unpredictable sea of three part harmony."

Harry Oakwood is infectious. With something new to like about the music with each passing listen, I am sure that this is a band with a bright future and a solid foundation from which they will build. The influence of The Band is undeniable, but what's more, Harry Oakwood communicates a grand sense of camaraderie while they sing and play. They are a ruckus rousing rock and roll orchestra of a good time, and they want you to sing-along.

For my taste, Brothers is the stand out song from this four track EP. I enjoy their use of old west imagery and engaging story telling alongside honky-tonk piano and rich vocal harmonies. With the benfit of time and experience, I look forward to seeing what wonderful things will blossom from this seed of an EP. Stay in touch with the band via their webpage, Facebook, Twitter, and purchase the EP for only four dollars via itunes. You dig?