Hammer No More The Fingers and White Fang

Got a pair of tunes for your Thursday night, both different takes on guitar-heavy indie rock. One is from Hammer No More The Fingers and the other from White Fang.

I was first introduced to Hammer No More The Fingers in the pages of the Independent Weekly. I never got to see them perform when I lived in the Triangle in North Carolina, but I am very excited about their new music. The above video is a live clip from the Love Drunk video series for their song "Pink Worm." I dig it. I like anything that takes guitars in weird directions while still being highly listenable. I also am a fan of the dual vocals, which have a similar shifty melodic texture. The Pink Worm EP came out last week.

From Portland, we have White Fang and their over-way-too-soon nugget of fuzzy, lo-fi rock, "Coffee Table." The plus side of being less than a minute is that you can listen to it about 3 to 5 times for every one time you'd listen to anything else. And trust me, I have done that. It's from the recently released High Expectations EP, which came out last week along with their full length Positive Feedback. So there's plenty of White Fang music out there for those interested.