Grubby Little Hands at The Living Room

Our show pick for this week takes place Friday December 14th at The Living Room. You all should go there to check out Philadelphia's Grubby Little Hands, along with several other bands.

This band has a very cool sound. Experimental might not be apt, but it certainly is adventurous and boundary-pushing for indie rock. There are flashes of reference and influence, but I'm really struggling to come up with anything other than saying Grubby Little Hands simply have their own unique sound. What makes this so are the many details and flourishes throughout their latest release The Grass Grew Around Our Feet. For instance, "To The Sharks" has a crazy springy effect that drives the song until it all gives way to a quiet final minute where mostly everything else drops out. The vocals throughout are languid and opaque, cultivating a sense of mystery. The prospect of seeing GLH is particularly exciting because they use a full-on projector show to augment the dynamics of the musical performance. I dig that.

They take the stage Friday at midnight (ok, technically Saturday) at the Living Room, which is at 154 Ludlow Street in the Lower East Side. Other acts that night include Ryan Traster, Swampboots, John Fullbright, and Alec Gross. I'm unclear at the moment whether the whole show costs $10 or if that's just for John Fullbright's set, as the TicketWeb link seems to imply – which wouldn't really make sense, though. Check out the website and I'll hopefully have an update from the band soon. Oh, and you can get the full EP at Bandcamp for free.