Gregory Alan Isakov Live at the Doug Fir Lounge – Tonight!

Good morning Portland. Are you looking to dust the doldrums off your work week? Than come on out tonight and check out night two of a special two night showing of Gregory Alan Isakov at the Doug Fir Lounge. The doors open at 8:00, the show begins at 9:00, and the bill will be shared by The Seven Hats.

Gregory Alan Isakov was born in South Africa, raised in Philadelphia, currently resides in Colorado, and his travels are an important component of his song writing process. His song's are earnest portraits of landscapes both physical and emotional, and the sincerity of his voice coupled with his strong musical instincts make Gregory Alan Isakov a galvanizing force in the indie folk movement of this century. He is currently on tour in promotion of his newest album, The Weatherman, and Saint Valentine, which is featured at the top of this article is from this release. 

I first became acquainted with this talented artist via a video production done by Before The Winter Fires. The song is Gregory Alan's moving cover of John Hartford's In Tall Buildings, which is featured below. The video is from June of 2011 and the combination of music and scenery made for a moving and memorable performance. I have no doubt that this what we are in store for tonight.

Please support the artist by coming out tonight's performance, liking him on Facebook, and by purchasing his music. See you soon Portland. You dig?