Great Lake Swimmers

Great Lake Swimmers – Palmistry

Great Lake Swimmers – The Chorus in the Underground

The first album I've picked up from the Great Lake Swimmers is The Legion Sessions. It was recorded just before the release of their 2009 LP Lost Channels. The Swimmers rented a hall and recorded many of the songs of Lost Channels live and then released them on iTunes along with accompanying videos. The live EP (is it still an EP with 9 songs? Is there any sort of technical definition of EP vs. LP anymore?) is warm and comforting and solid all around.

"Palmistry" grabs hold of me from the get go. That snare just punches you in the face and prepares you for the emotional journey to come. Tony Dekker's wavering voice sounds like it's on the verge of breaking at any moment and the melody he creates is both beautiful and harsh. This song feels like it wrote itself. It's a living, breathing being imparting to you it's wisdom.

"The Chorus in the Underground" is a different sort of beast. It's slightly faster, slightly more upbeat. It has a significant Americana feel with a lead banjo and pretty harmonies. It's happy.

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