Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Premier EP

Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Temptations

Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Dream Green


Gorilla Warfare Tactics' rise to prominence is just like their music: vintage. The boys have people talking through pure talent and hard work. No PR blasts, pandering, or famous friends. After dropping a few stellar tracks out of nowhere, they've already completed a debut EP, Premierand it's one of the best debut hip hops albums I've heard in awhile.

As solid as the rhyming is on Premier, it's the bitchin' production that really draws me in. It has the best of the sample-based hip hop world – soul samples, catchy, repeating hooks, and a reluctance to rely solely on percussion to drive a track. There's a certain passion and lightness all over these tracks that really separates it from the usual college rap of today. It's the hip hop of guys who know and appreciate the history of their genre as well as other genres, and have the talent to mold classic sounds into new beats.

This is honestly one of the freshest things I've heard in awhile, and gets me excited for the direction underground hip hop could be heading.

By the way, the EP is free free free and available HERE thanks to sponsorship from our buddies at Sunset in the Rearview and Pigeons and Planes.