Gillian Welch + David Rawlings


When it's right, it's right.

When it's Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, it's perfect.

We at Those Who Dig take a special interest in the music of these two artists. David Rawlings is one of the most talented guitarists in Pop music today and the dulcet tones of Gillian Welch are fantastic vehicle for her song writing prowess.

What I enjoy most about these two is the musical shaping they bring to their performances. Gillian Welch can bend, warble, and manipulate her melodies in any direction she pleases and David Rawlings is a perfect compliment to Gillian for his stellar vocal harmonies, as well as his ability to perpetually arpeggiate and improvise as a means of amplifying Gillian's craft with his own guitar and voice.

I am having a hard time narrowing selections down to one clip, so I wont. If you have never heard these two, I will introduce them to you with the track I heard first.

Look at Miss Ohio



Subsequently, this song is a perennial favorite of mine, and is executed with grace and subtly by our featured duo.

Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor


Finally, an opportunity to see the duo open up and rock out.

Caleb Meyer