Flock Of Dimes: (This Is Why) I Can't Wear White

A little while back Baltimore's own Flock of Dimes released their video for (This Is Why) I Can't Wear White. The video is a compilation of 78 different aquatic scenes assembled by another Baltimore artist Ben O'Brien. For those who just can't wait, you can find the chronological listing of every movie used here.

The song is a perfect introduction to Flock Of Dimes if you are unfamiliar with the group for this reason. It is an ethereal combination of reverb, dissonant textures, and Jenn Wasner's immaculate voice. Like the band, it is bound to grow on you and embed it's way into the fabric of your every day life. I also love how rewarding the vocal pay off at the chorus feels after meandering through the first verse.

As for the video, I am fascinated by Ben O'Brien's ability to not only catalog all of these water scenes, but also to sequence them by similarity of action to create a false sense of a linear dialog. Finally, I love the wide variety of films used and enjoy the idea that the movies actual quality does not determine it eligibility here – all the films from Deep Blue Sea to Anaconda are on an equal playing field here.