First Blush: Supersynthetic EP

First Blush is a NYC based band that boasts Charles Sekel on vocals/keyboards, Zach Honoroff on drums & Zak Croxall on bass. I've enjoyed this band since they debuted their self-titled EP over a year ago, however, I've never been comfortable describing genre titles when things get this blurry, so I'll let them do it. "First Blush makes genre-bending synthpop, combining ethereal electronic elements with strong, catchy melodies and riffs." My thought is that it doesn't matter what you call it, so long as you call it good.

Regardless, in March of this year First Blush released their second EP entitled Supersynthetic. Supersynthetic is six tracks of engaging music that showcases sensitive and thoughtful consideration for musical shape, coupled with a unceasing understanding of groove. Charles Sekel and First Blush show real growth between the two EPs and I look forward to seeing where the band goes as they continue to progress.

Check out the full EP for yourself below and then stay in touch with the band via Facebook, Twitter, their Official Webpage, and even their Youtube channel. You dig?