First Blush Concerts

First Blush: This Century's Dance

Friend of TWD First Blush is gearing up for a gaggle of shows in NYC starting tonight. The shows are:

June 26th – The Local 269 9:45 PM (feat. Zach Swanson as guest bassist) 

June 29th – Lit Lounge 9:00 PM 

July 5th – The National Underground 8:00 PM 

July 28th – Arlene's Grocery 12:00 AM

First Blush is a fresh band on the New York scene and I look forward to seeing and hearing their development as they cut their teeth on more and more shows. In case you missed it, their entire debut EP is available on bandcamp. Reach out to the band via their offical webpage, facebook, and twitter. I think very highly of the musicians involved in this project and I know that their material will always be well informed and well thought out; which is maybe what we need most in pop music. Thoughtful music making is always a refreshing experience. You dig?