Field Mouse Spring 2013 US Tour

Field Mouse recently announced that they'll be touring the US this spring with Laura Stevenson and they released a new song about a month ago that I haven't yet shared.

It should be no surprise that I think "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" is awesome. Perhaps when I'm broke and selling my body to science to make ends meet, they'll determine that I'm genetically predisposed to dig this band. But I like to think the appeal of these friends of the Dig is much broader than that. Broad enough for a whole nation to soon find out how rad this band is when they hit the road. Seriously. Geoff and Danielle get this one going with a killer beat and springy bass, respectively, while the heat shimmer guitars of Andrew and Rachel briefly bide their time before roaring into a beautiful wave of sound. And then Rachel's voice comes in and everything clicks and you're just gone for the next two minutes. I suppose all singers match their music well, but I've always thought the blend was just about perfect in Field Mouse. I love the "Everything's going down this week, it's history," moment of this song especially. Great title, too, which to me blends a sci-fi vibe with the concept of whether things change or not. Plus, it's a good descriptor of how I feel about the band musically. They fit right into the "yesterday" of many of my past musical loves, but also the "tomorrow" of having their own interesting sound that isn't a lifeless imitation and moves boldly forward.

For many of you throughout the country, you'll have the chance to see this and many other great songs performed live, as I have had the pleasure of doing several times over the past year. Believe me, you don't want to miss it. I'm excited they'll be playing one of my favorite venues, Chapel Hill's Local 506. Also, let me spend a few moments talking about Laura Stevenson. She's got a new album due out 4/23 called Wheel and while I've only recently discovered her because of this tour (crazy I've been missing out on this talented artist, right?) I can tell she's not exactly a lightweight. "Runner" is brilliant song. Her voice recalls a variety of singers I like but it ultimately coalesces into its own distinct and wonderful vibe. The music is upbeat and rich; I feel like I've been picking up new details on each listen. And I just love the line "The summer hurts." Yes, I'm eager to hear more.

And I'm eager to see it live. Here are the full dates of the tour. You should go to Laura's tour page or Field Mouse's for further details and tickets. I hope readers throughout the Dig Nation go support these two fantastic acts when they come through or near your towns and I hope to see NYC readers at the Bowery on May 24th! Oh, and Field Mouse plays Shea Stadium this Friday and Piano's 3/20. Cool cool cool.

4/19/13-PA, Philadelphia @ MilkBoy
4/20/13-DC, Washington @ Rock N roll Hotel
4/21//13-NC, Chapel Hill @ Local 506
4/23/13-FL, Gainesville @ The Atlantic
4/24/13-FL, Orlando @ The Social
4/26/13-GA, Atlanta @ The Masquerade
4/27/13-TN, Memphis @ Crosstown Arts
4/28/13-TX, Dallas @ The Prophet Bar
4/30/13-TX, Houston @ Rudyard's
5/1/13-TX, Austin @ Mohawk
5/3/13-TX, El Paso @ Gallery 127
5/4/13-AZ, Scottsdale @ Pub Rock
5/6/13-CA, San Diego @ Soda Bar
5/7/13-CA, Los Angeles @ Echo
5/8/13-CA, San Francisco @ Bottom Of The Hill
5/9/13-OR, Portland @ Doug Fir Lounge
5/11/13-WA, Seattle @ Sunset Tavern
5/13/13-UT, Salt Lake City @ Urban Lounge
5/15/13-CO, Denver @ Larmier Lounge
5/16/13-KS, Lawrence @ Jackpot Music Hall
5/17/13-MN, Minneapolis @ Triple Rock
5/18/13-IL, Beat Kitchen @ Beat Kitchen
5/19/13-MI, Lansing @ Mac's Bar
5/20/13-OH, Cleveland @ Beachland Tavern
5/21/13-ON, Toronto @ The Drake Hotel
5/22/13-PA, Pittsburgh @ Club Cafe
5/23/13-MA, Cambridge @ TT the Bear's Place
5/24/13-NY, New York @ Bowery Ballroom