Favorite Albums of 2010 : Part One


I'm going to forgo the "best" vs. "favorite" argument and just say that these are the albums I loved, reputation or popularity be damned. Everyone has their own list of music they connected to emotionally and artistically this year. Mine didn't really take to long to put together, I just knew what I loved. Today collects my Honorable Mentions and Numbers 18-11. There's a great track from every album included so you can listen to the whole page as a year end mixtape! Tune in tomorrow for the Top Ten!


Those Who Dig's Favorite Albums of 2010

Honorable Mention :


Girls – Broken Dreams Club EP

Girls – Alright

It's short and it only came out recently but I dug the hell out of the improved production and heartbreaking lyrics.


Pepper Rabbit – Beauregard

Pepper Rabbit – Older Brother

Dreamy, psychic sonic landscapes melted with harmonious vocals for a solid debut album. "Older Brother" is the tearjerker song of the year.


J. Cole – Friday Night Lights Mixtape

J. Cole – Higher

Cole's eagerly anticipated mixtape stokes the fire for his eagerly anticipated debut LP. He's relentless and intelligent and produces his own killer beats, what's not to love?



Spoon – Transference

Spoon – Written In Reverse

Spoon really can do no wrong. Every album they've released is solid and beautiful in it's own way. Transference is no exception.



Old Man Luedecke – My Hands Are On Fire

Old Man Luedecke – Mountain Plain

Another solid outing for the Nova Scotia banjo-man. One-stop shopping for all your simple folk needs.



Black Milk – Album of the Year

Black Milk – Keep Goin'

For my money, the most overlooked rap album of the year. Live beats and clever wordplay from the Detroit MC.



White Pines – The Falls

White Pines – Homes

A folk album with psych leanings that takes you on an emotional journey. Just solid through-and-through.



The National – High Violet

The National – Conversation 16

One of my favorite bands of the last 10 years continues to please with a dense, dark, and dreamy rock album.



The Punch Brothers – Antifogmatic

Punch Brothers – You Are

You can't call it "bluegrass" but you can call it fucking awesome. The technique and talent of these fellas is flawless and Antifogmatic is full of gems.



Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record

Broken Social Scene – Ungrateful Little Father

Every BSS record cuts me deep. They have a way of burrowing into your soul and settling in for the long haul.



Jamie Lidell – Compass

Jamie Lidell – Enough's Enough

Did everyone forget this album came out this year? If you've read this blog before you know I have a man-crush on Jamie and his modern day blue-eyed soul continues to charm me.


That's it for today, but be sure to tune in tomorrow for Those Who Dig's Top Ten Albums of 2010!!