The Evergreen Grass Band and Pay The Devil, Live

Milwaukee Bluegrass Music Live: The Evergreen Grass Band and Pay The Devil
This Saturday night on Brady Street in Milwaukee Wisconsin there will be live bluegrass music. The Up and Under Pub will play host to two Wisconsin acts, The Evergreen Grass Band (Eau Clair, Wisconsin) and Pay The Devil (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) will take the stage starting at 9pm and play into the wee hours of the morning. The Evergreen Grass Band has been delighting audiences nationwide since 2008. Here is their self description.

“Bringing an energetic and original act to any place they play, the Evergreen Grass Band has been winning ears and hearts alike with their straight-forward, face-melting ungrass songs, toe-tappin country tunes and original grass arrangements of covers in any genre. Always creating a good-time, drink ’em down atmosphere, the EverGreen Grass Band bring with them a genre-defying sound, a dedication to their live shows and an earnest understanding of what entertainment really is.”

Take a listen to a live show brought to you by the internet archive. They have a bunch of live shows (Evergreen Grass Band and many more) available to stream or download for free, check ’em out. The Evergreen Grass Band on the Internet Archive.

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And here is a video of them playing I Know You Rider at Northland College. If you feel like dancing these guys are for you.

Pay The Devil, on the other hand, sticks closer to traditional mountain music. Clawhammer banjo, guitar, mandolin, cello, and Appalachian noisemakers round out this group. Here is their self description from their Facebook page.

“Pay The Devil is a Milwaukee based string band that plays an eclectic mix of original tunes, sea shanties, bluegrass, traditional old-time, folk, and celtic songs. We put on a high-energy, fun live show filled with foot-stomping, thigh-slapping, whiskey-drinking, dancing music. Banjo, cello, guitar, mandolin, and assorted Appalachian percussion (spoons, washboard, jawbone).”

That is some fine spoons playing if I don’t say so myself. Their debut album, Money for Old Rope EP, is available for free on Bandcamp. Check it our here, or stream it below.
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