Erie Show – The Defibulators


The Defibulators – Ol' Winchester

The Defibulators – Get What's Coming


I think I'm a music alcoholic. Admission is the first step. I am uncontrollably driven to a) bands that sing about drinking, and b) bands whose music is ideal to drink to. The Defibulators are stopping into The Crooked I this Friday the 12th to fulfill both of those roles for me. There will probably be drinking involved.

The Defibulators are a seven piece with names like "Metalbelly" and "Roadblock". They hail from all over the country, but met and formed in the Big Apple. Hometowns and present towns are important to mention in this case because the band's sound is a clear combination of the rural music they grew up with and the energetic, indie aesthetic they're surrounded by in New York.

The Defibulators are one of those roots bands I tend to write about that throw all sorts of genres into a big pot and stew up a damn good time. They have patented a pretty catchy brand of drunken jug band meets drunken indie punk band, with parts of every genre in between. All this drunkenness doesn't take away from the songwriting though. The songs can be wacky, yes, but in that endearing, heartfelt kind of way. And occasionally they drop a slow, beautiful ballad on you usually featuring the gorgeous voice of triangle player (yes, there's one of those) Erin Bru.

Come on down to Crooked I on Friday at 10:00 P.M. with your dancing shoes on and a flask of whiskey in your shirt pocket.