Eric D. Johnson: Song (and beer) By The River

Clean rivers and delicious beer are two things that we at Those Who Dig hold near and dear to our green hearts. All of us hold roots in Erie, PA and watched the reputation of the lake water improve as we grew up. This is why I was so thrilled to see this gem from Draft Magazine this week.

Deschutes River Recordings (a subdivision of Deschutes Brewery) out of Oregon has teamed up with Deschutes River Conservancy to produce a series of videos that is ripe with rivers, beers, and music. Their aim is to give away free downloads of this music in exchange for a monetary donation in an effort to restore streamflow and improve water quality in the Deschutes basin.

Eric D Johnson of the Fruit Bats is the featured artist in this video premier and Eric Early of Blitzen Trapper and Laura Gibson are slated to follow. All the artists in these videos will be singing river themed songs and Eric D Johnson has opted to begin with The Ballad Of Easy Rider by The Byrds. The song choice is impeccable and reflects both the mood and beauty of the river. Additionally, Eric D Johnson does not shy from putting his own touch on the song with a set of walkie talkies. Dig the video, check out the cause, and consider tossing the team of few of your hard earned bucks to keep the music and the beer flowing.