Epic Tuesday Release Day

Tuesday, June 7, is shaping up to be an epic release day in the music world. Some of my most anticipated releases of the year are dropping tomorrow, and I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl.

That beautiful image up there is part of what's included in the Deluxe Limited Edition vinyl version of Nothing Is Wrong. Hope you got your own copy. I also hope you've saved some bucks because it'd be unfortunate if you missed any of these:


Along with the next album on my list, Dawes' Nothing Is Wrong has me biting my fingernails off in anticipation. The California folk-rockers are one of my favorite current acts, and the vinyl sitting on my doorstep when I got home from work today made my day, nay, my week.


Since their Horse Power EP, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. have had me chomping at the bit for a full-length, and it's arrived in the form of It's A Corporate World. Their brand of blissed-out, folky pop loves me right up.


I'm a long-time, unabashed Sondre Lerche fan. It seems like it's been a minute since I've picked up anything new from him, but I've liked what I've heard from this new self-titled album so far.


I (well, everyone) loved Battles' first album and it took four long years for to make follow-up Gloss Drop. I'll admit I have yet to listen to a track from this one, but I'm confident I'll enjoy it.


The Farewell Drifters made an impression on us earlier this year with their rootsy-pop. Their new album Echo Boom has serious promise.


I remembering getting We Have Sound in college. I even remember really liking We Have Sound. I haven't stuck with the album as I've stuck with so many others from my college days, but that doesn't mean Vek's brand of experimental pop won't suck me back in with Leisure Seizure.


There's a good chance you're head may have blowed up by the end of this post, but if it hasn't, and you pick up some of these release, be sure to drop us a comment and let us know what you liked!