Entire Cities – Gimme a Ride

Entire Cities – Gimme A Ride

When's the last time I posted a good roots rock song? Let me answer that for you: a long damn time. Entire Cities sound like the perfect music festival band. I can imagine being wine drunk at 6 on a sunny summer day rocking out to these guys' catchy guitar hooks and rootsy jams.

The band is led by songwriter Simon Borer whose poetic lyrics and guitar heroics provide the heartbeat. Entire Cities has toured with some big indie names like Rural Alberta Advantage and Rock Plaza Central and are toeing the line, bound for mass popularity.

The track "Gimme A Ride" makes me itch for summer. It's a car ride through the countryside with a PBR pounder in hand. It's laying on the lawn near a creek with a bandana covering your forehead from the glaring sun. It's a song rooted in the American countryside, complete with jam band breakdown (don't worry, I hate jam bands, but this works), organ, and beautiful imagery.

Grab Entire Cities' album I Hope You Never Come Home from their Bandcamp page and explore them further on their website.