Embarrasingly Good Bands (I Played with in 2013)

State of Isaac at the Elbo Room, ChicagoOne of the best parts about playing shows is getting to hear the other bands splitting the bill. There’s far more excellent local music out there than most people know, and I’m often more excited to share the other bands’ music than my own. Here’s a quick round-up of the local bands I enjoyed playing with the most in the last year (in no particular order), so go take a listen!

  • State of Isaac (Chicago, IL) – Moving 3-piece progressive rock
  • Sean Magwire (Chicago, IL) – Incredibly compelling solo singer/songwriter
  • Red & the Wolf (Milwaukee, WI) – Progressive metal based on Grimm fairy tales
  • Encryptor (Milwaukee, WI) – Technically astounding djent metal
  • Evergreen Grass Band (Eau Claire, WI) – Bluegrass in its finest form

All of these bands were so good I was seriously humbled and honored to split the bill with them. I’m hoping to play with all of them again, and am looking forward to discovering more like them in 2014.