EMA – Angelo

One of my favorite new discoveries of 2011 is EMA. She has a 7-inch coming out for the great song "Marked," that features an equally great b-side called "Angelo." Read on to listen and order.

EMA – Angelo by souterraintransmissions

A main reason I keep coming back to EMA's music over and over again is because of its mood. The songs are very easy to get sucked into, to get lost in. I love the vibe of "Angelo," a sort of doom & blues number with an undeniable magnetism. The verse vocals have a bit of a hip-hop flow to them that slowly grow in urgency, and there is an actual guest verse from the rapper Mz-Gorjis that fits in quite well. Just a cool tune all around.

You can order this release here and I can't recommend strongly enough that you should pick up the full-length Past Life Martyred Saints as well.