Earthy Babes – Old Machine

We first shared some music from Brooklyn's Earthy Babes a few weeks ago with the song "Old Machine." Now check out the video for that track.

This band has an indie-meets-jam-meets-psych thing going, which comes through in the video to some extent. In it, the band is confined to a karaoke screen as a group of young women enjoy singing along. However, as time passes, things start to take a turn for the worse. Despite these loose horror overtones, there is an underlying playfulness. So it's not quite awful, but it's not quite normal, and it brings a dual perspective between the band and the singers, all of which taken together reflects their eclectic yet well-integrated sound.

You can get their Still Earthy EP here. It's a very solid six tracks. "Decomposing" and "Grey Haired" feel like the most straightforward and rocking, at least compared to the other songs. "Patients" has a slow build to it, perhaps this band's rickety subversion of an arena rock anthem. Instead of an explosion of guitar, there's mellow yet expressive trumpet. So maybe something else entirely. Anyways, "Hotel" locks into a nice groove, led by prominent basslines. The work closes on a jam that nods to a tribal / tropical vibe with "Downtown Echo." Check it out.