E.M.P Collective: and you're just not good enough

EMP Collective is a nonprofit organization uniting artists across the country to create provocative, social, multi-media events. EMP Collective nurtures developing artists from all disciplines and collaborates with individual communities to bring new, diverse art to new and diverse audiences.

This years staging is part of the Fresh Produce Festival of Live Art running all February long at the Fridge in DC. Here is what is being said of the EMP's contribution.

"Using a wide variety of mediums from poetry to film to theatre, movement, music and visual art, (…and you're just not good enough) explores the pain, awkwardness, love, joy, hilarity and general uncomfortableness of "what's wrong with me?" EMP invites you to embrace your inner loser and fully accept your rejectable nature."

In case you missed last year's production of the original multi-media production, We're All Gonna Die!, here is a teaser to help get you amped for the new show this week.


All things EMP can be found via their official webpage, blog, and facebook page. Tickets for the event can be purchased here.

See you there!