E-Dubble – Grown For A Minute

I haven't written much (read: anything) about hip-hop music I like for Those Who Dig, but today that is going to change. I recently heard some excellent tracks, including "Grown for a Minute," by E-Dubble, an MC and producer out of Baltimore (aka 1/3 of TWD's home base) and just had to share his latest release with you all.

e-dubble – Grown For A Minute by edubble

Our good friends at Sunset in the Rearview were on "Grown for a Minute" immediately, and it is not hard to hear why. This track is the most recent from E-Dubble's Freestyle Friday series, #50 to be exact, which has been in progress for a year now. As the name implies, he drops a new track every Friday – which he makes pretty much that day! You should check out his soundcloud page for all the entries (fair warning, make sure you have a few hours to kill).

After sifting through lots of those songs and excessively listening to this one here, it is apparent this is a very talented dude. The hip-hip I gravitate towards tends to involve witty, verbose flows, which E-Dubble has in spades. Like most of my favorite rappers, he deftly balances charismatic bravado with clever pop culture references. And I just love the epicness of the beat that comes from using "Boy Lilikoi" by Jonsi (one of my top ten tracks of 2010!). E-Dubble takes some time at the track's end to engage his listeners and he seems down to earth and relaxed.

He's one to keep an ear on for sure. Be sure to check out soundcloud for all of his latest music!