Dumbo Gets Mad – Bam Bam

We are pretty big fans of the Italian psych band Dumbo Gets Mad here at Those Who Dig (previous posts here) and have another great track of theirs to share with you tonight. It's the second single "Bam Bam," from their forthcoming second album Quantum Leap.

Hope you are ready to dance, because this track has an infectious energy that will make your body want to move. The female half of the duo, Carlotta Menozzi, takes lead vocals and sounds great. The verses have rapid chords and a solid beat, then things build up with a little guitar and a sort of identity crisis in the lyrics into the chorus, which is so hooky they don't even need to use real words. The tune is a gem.

You can get a free download by submitting your email in the widget above. Get excited for album number two!