Digging Up The Past

Hello, if you are reading this you may have noticed there has been a little face-lift around here. We’ll spare you the boring points but basically the site is now faster, more mobile friendly, easier to navigate, and generally more awesome. To honor this new epicenter of the Dig world I thought I’d dig up my all-time top five favorite posts from Dig past. So, without further adieu…

Jay-Z and the Dixie Chicks
If you have ever talked about music with me, I have referenced this article. This was one of the first pieces written for this blog, and it still holds #1 in my mind. It didn’t take long for Dave to hit his stride, and he hasn’t looked back.
The Bus List
Another gem from the mind of our westward most digster. As you read through his list of bands that he would mercifully go back in time and murder to keep them from destroying their own careers you will feel a mixture of gut busting laughter, and quiet contemplation as you add to the massacre.
The Devil Makes Three
TDMT has become one of my favorite bands, and a big inspiration musically to me. I can pinpoint the moment I first heard them, and it was reading this article by founding digster Kyle. Kyle has a knack for finding that band that you haven’t heard yet, and bringing the to the forefront. I can also credit him with introducing me to the Avett Brothers, long before Rick Ruben got his hands of them.
Diction + Vowel Sounds : Michael Jackson + Bob Dylan
To me this blog is about learning and discovery. In this piece Dave will use musical theory to explain why Bob Dylan sounds so strange when he sings. Another shining example of what makes this blog so great. Sure there are music reviews and uncovered deep cuts like the other blogs, but it is difficult to find writing on the topics of diction outside of a music classroom. It’s good to know about what you love, and Dave is here to guide you.
Chris Thile and Michael Daves Rabbit in the Log
One of my favorite videos of all time. Add Chris Thile to the list of things I have learned from the Dig. In-fact this one is so good I’ll include it here for you too. You dig?