Dig Power Hour – Merry Christmas

I have done it. It is done. It's a holiday miracle! The Dig Power Hour is complete. The file is 1.7GB big (I know that is huge!) .mov file. I figured .mov would be a good format because Quicktime plays it, and everyone that reads this blog should have iTunes and Quicktime. I am working on getting a DivX file up here soon for a smaller file size. Until then please seed after your download has completed to help others get the file more quickly, and in turn help others get the file more quickly. When my computer recovers from all the rendering it has been doing I will also see what I can do about getting a copy on youTube or VIMIO or something similar. Please leave comments and let us know what you think. A power hour is never complete and we will implement your (good) suggestions and release a new version.

If you are new to the world of torrent downloading you will need a torrent program. I highly recomend uTorrent available here.

Merry holidays!

Dig Powerhour v. 1.0