Denver: The Way It Is

Today I'm pleased to bring you the video for The Way It Is from Denver.

Since the release of their self-titled debut album on August 18th of this year, Denver has become one of my favorite new bands. Denver is a fresh slice of alt. country pie with tasty layers of steel strings baked over and nostalgic vocal  melodies. With this project Eric Early and company are giving audiences a welcome reminder that country music hasn't been and won't always be Jesus Take The Wheel, Beer With Jesus, or some other combination of pop clinches and generalizations. Country music was, is, and will continue to be meaningful music making where emphasis is placed on shared experiences and the craft of song writing. In this sense, Denver has taken up the torch (alongside a bottle or two) and carries on with or without mainstream support of top forty radio. Denver is county music for the people, not the masses, and that's just the way it is. You dig?

The music video was directed by Patrick Stanton – whose enviable work you should definitely check out in full. Denver (the album) is currently available on 12 inch vinyl & download here, or digitally here if that's not your thing.