Dead Horses – I Will Walk

Dig Sessions are just an excuse to get out into the world, make friends, and document music. We are trying to capture all music, of all genres and musicianship levels. In our modern world of iPods and mp3s it is easy to forget that not so many years ago if you wanted to hear music you had to either play it yourself, or watch someone else play. That is the soul of The Dig Sessions, watching people play music. Single takes, no gimmicks. Just a microphone and a camera capturing REAL music with all its beautiful imperfections. View all

Welcome back to the Dead Horse’s Dig Sessions. This installment features our heroes performing an original tune I Will Walk. Now if you have watched their previous Dig Session you know that I was alluding to some VERY good flat-picking in a future session. Well, the future is now.

Dead Horses, Wisconsin Folkgrass
The Dead Horses playing a live show at the Riverwest Filling Station

Enter Pete Raboin on the git-fiddle (guitar). Roughly 1:45 into the video the group takes its second instrumental break, and bam. Now I don’t want to take anything away from Tim McIlree on the mandolin, or anyone else’s performance, but this is a damn fine little piece of pickin’. But you don’t have to take my word for it. See for yourself.
I have no reservations in calling Dead Horses one of the better acoustic acts in the state. They keep their Facebook schedule up to date, and I’m pretty sure that is the best place to figure out which show you should attend. They also have an album out, and you can buy that at the official Dead Horses Store.
On the Dig Session front we are talking to a few bands that will make you smile. Until then keep supporting live music.