Dead Horses on The Dig Sessions

Dig Sessions are just an excuse to get out into the world, make friends, and document music. We are trying to capture all music, of all genres and musicianship levels. In our modern world of iPods and mp3s it is easy to forget that not so many years ago if you wanted to hear music you had to either play it yourself, or watch someone else play. That is the soul of The Dig Sessions, watching people play music. Single takes, no gimmicks. Just a microphone and a camera capturing REAL music with all its beautiful imperfections. View all

The Dead Horses have been taking the Midwest by storm. They have a diverse range, mixing everything from catchy ballads to hard-picking traditional arrangements into their live shows. Their self categorized genre is “folkgrass” and they were kind enough to drop by the Dig Session Studios (ok it was the back room of a Milwaukee bar) and play a few songs for y’all.

What To Take Away From This Dig Session

The Dead Horses, an Eastern Wisconsin Folkgrass BandImmediately you will notice their musicianship. Their songs are well rehearsed and performed with mastery. I was lucky enough to stand next to Pete Raboin (guitar) for a front row seat to his incredible picking (this is really featured on another track they recorded, so get excited for that session to come out.) This song features the lead musical stylings of Tim McIlree on the fiddle. The attention given to volume control as he solos over Sarah’s lyrics in the closing stanza of this song is wonderful to behold. Dan Wolff’s bassline is exactly what it needed to be on Cosmos. Reliable and driving. With so many peaks and valleys it really gives you a sense of structure even as the fiddle and lyrics fade to an inaudible level.
After the initial awe of their technical talent fades you begin to notice how much fun they are having. The humble confidence exuded by lead singer Sarah Vos is a driving force. Her vocals are an incredible mix of fragile and powerful. They come through clear, and her held notes at the end of each stanza give you a primal feeling in your spine; like listening to a wolf howl.
That is my take on them. I predict big things from these guys in the near future. Ok enough of my flapping my gums. I give you Cosmos on the Dig Sessions.


A little more about the band


This 4-piece, comprised of 2 guitars, mandolin, fiddle, and upright bass, combine fine introspective songwriting with some of the best pickers and singers in the Midwest. A versatile live act, the Dead Horses have felt comfortable playing everything from a church picnic to a nudist festival.
The group is led by the sweet voice of singer/guitarist Sarah Vos, who is the winner of the 2013 Upper-Midwest Singer-Songwriter Competition. Their debut 2012 album, Back to Life, got heavy airplay on Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Simply Folk”. Dead Horses were also nominated for a 2012 Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Award in the category of Bluegrass/Americana.
Dead Horses have appeared with acts such as Pert Near Sandstone and Big Head Todd and the Monsters, NBC 26, and in 2012 performed on Fox’s “Good Day Wisconsin”.
A truly unique new-age stringband, The Dead Horses continue to impress and awe audiences while becoming a real force on the Midwest folk/jam scenes. –Their Facebook Page

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