David Bronson – The Turns

Our introduction to David Bronson came about a month ago with his cool video for his excellent track "Times." I'm excited to share the follow-up, which is equally amazing. It's called "The Turns."

With this pair of songs, David's newest album Story packs quite the opening one-two punch. "The Turns" starts off a little mellow with some nice piano and drums. Yet it has that intangible buzz that something bigger is brewing. Sure enough, this song eventually boldly explodes. I dig the power of the guitars and David's writing ability. He tells a fascinating story in a melodic way. The lyrics are really great. We've all been in a relationship that didn't work out and felt devastated by it. Capturing that, but also how "the turns" in life can lead to other completely unexpected – and maybe even way more positive – things so effectively puts me in awe.

The video is great in its interpretation of this narrative. The first part shows a couple looking happy. But it doesn't seem to last. I absolutely love the portion that follows from about 1:00 to 2:30. It's one long shot of David moving through a house with only a lantern. Periodically, his light shines upon the now troubled couple, forwarding their story in these little moments. I am a fan of continuous shots and I think this is an especially cool way to tell a story: in brief spots as things come into the light. It takes a little skill to choreograph, and even better, the function of light in the video takes on a metaphorical aspect. Here, it seems to be the insight that comes with time. While in turmoil, it's practically darkness because we can't make sense of things. Only later can we "shed light" on what happened. And as the song begins to transition to taking action in the attic, each step David takes is lit. Finally, as he seems to have his most resolve, he is outside and the sun is rising and everything is bright. Interesting too how the male character kind of looks like he could be a young David, making the message all the more personal.

I dig this track and video. If you do too, you can get Story here. For NYC residents, David will be playing Spike Hill on December 19th. He goes on at 8:00 and it's free! Details here.