Dave Newberry: No One Will Remember You

Dave Newberry is a folk-rock singer/songwriter who will be celebrating the release of his second album No One Will Remember You on March 15, 2012. I have had the immense pleasure of listening to this album this week and am excited to hear that country music does still have a voice in contemporary pop music. Ripe with nostalgia, infectious melodies, and a comfortable feeling of song familiarity Dave Newberry's new release is a must have. 

The album opens with the tune All of the Apples in the Basket and sets the tone for all of the artist's subsequent work. With pedal steel guitars, banjo, tag team vocals, drums, and a healthy dose of hook and rhyme this song invites you to sing along from the first listen. 

Dave Newberry: All of the Apples in the Basket

This album is a grower. No One Will Remember You feels like an album I've known deeply in spite of the fact that it isn't even released yet. I can easily see this album soundtracking it's way into my spring and leaving an enduring impression on the new year.

Dave Newberry has a plethora of tour stops throughout Canada in 2012 which can be found on his webpage here. Unfortunately we can't all be Canadian but in the meantime you can further your Newberry fix by enjoying his collaborative music blog/podcast Newbsradio which he runs alongside Eric Newby. You can also reach the artist via Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Vimeo