Cultfever and San Cisco

Friends of the Dig Cultfever released their new video for their excellent (and Digcast VI-featured) track "Knewyouwell" last week and we just had to share it here. The clip contrasts the more elaborate video for "Collector," but is no less creative or enjoyable. When I spoke with Tamara and Joe, they conveyed their desire to create a smaller-scale production for their next video project. This is essentially a shrouded performance video, with a black-and-white meets searchlight approach. Things feel hidden, but as the song builds, the layers pile on top of each other, creating a visual sensation similar to the energy of the song. Definitely one of the best tracks you'll hear this year, and now there's a cool video to accompany it. I dig.

We also have been known to dig the Australian band San Cisco. Another Digcast track (from Episode III) "Rocket Ship" now has a video you need all need to see. This clip doesn't take a literal approach to the song's title (which would have probably led to a rundown comparing it to "Rocket" by the Smashing Pumpkins…), but it does capture the essence of what I feel the song is really about – seeking out adventure and fun. Having a blast, if you will. It's like the San Cisco variety clip show. There are pranks and costumes and Super 8 scenes, and a whole lot more. It's a good time, just like the song.