Community Currency Persevere EP


Community Currency is a 5 piece band from Bloomington Indiana. They are a folk project with tag team vocals and a sometimes aggressive streak in their compositions. They have previously released a 13 track album entitled Labor of Love in 2011 from TWD favorite Reel Recording. Most recently, their new EP Persevere came out April 5th and is a five track release with four originals and one lovely cover of  Willie Nelson's classic Crazy.

When Will I Know is a country waltz and ballad that deals nostalgia and emotional uncertainty through harmony and melody as only seasoned veterans can. 

The final track on the EP is Crazy. Their sparse and honest interpretation of the song does not disappoint next to the likes of Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline. This song is unfailingly refreshing and Community Currency manages to inject their own voice while remaining true to a composition that comes with the burden of a recording history.

The EP is available via bandcamp at the suggested donation price of only five dollars. You dig?