Chocolate Robots – Summer Krushhh

Maybe it was the near 80 degree weather today, or maybe it's the near 80 degree weather in my sweltering apartment, but I'm starting to get summer on the brain and in my bones. I know the season technically is more than a month away, but aren't we at least there in spirit by now?

If you're feeling similar, here's a tune for you, "Summer Krushhh" by Chocolate Robots. We featured this band of pizza-making brothers in a Weekly Roundup in early March, and then as now, I'm drawn to their rough, unbridled energy. The song to me feels more about the prospect of summer and that twitchy feeling that comes from the days getting longer, the air warmer, and that urge to just ditch work or school and hang outside instead becoming almost uncontrollable. The vibe finds perfect antecedents in the jangly guitar, the syncopated-but-threatening-to-overrun-itself drum beat, and the yelping, cascading voices. A typical subject of that elusive crush and a throwback melody over the chorus reference how this is well-worn territory, but then again, isn't summer? It comes back every year and it feels good every time. The song is the same.

If you dig, follow the bandcamp link to buy Chocolate Robots "PiZzAfAcE" album.