Chiddy Bang


Chiddy Bang ft. Q-tip – Here We Go

Chiddy Bang ft. MGMT – Opposite of Adults (Kids)


I was first introduced to Chiddy Bang (bitchin' name) when their remix of Cee-lo's "Fuck You" was making the rounds on the interweb. Since then I've been absorbing all the tracks leaking from their upcoming mini-album, The Preview. When I saw there was a track out featuring one of my favorite rapper/producers, Q-tip, I knew I had to share.

Chiddy Bang is a producer/MC duo from Philadelphia that gained some fame after the good fellas at Pretty Much Amazing posted some of their tracks awhile back. Their calling card is sampling popular indie tunes, but don't let that distract you from the solid electro production and sick rhymes. Check out these tracks and pre-order The Previewbuy their past albums, and check them out live.