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Caleb Coy – I'll Be Damned

Caleb Coy – Write Your Own Songs


Those Who Dig's recent conversation with Slowcoustic introduced me to the great label that Sandy runs called Yer Bird Records. The first artist I listened to floored me and has been on repeat for a week. Introducing Caleb Coy.

Caleb Coy is a Texas man through and through. He looks and sounds like he's from the Lonestar State and you'd expect that his music would be rough, in your face, Big Country. With this in mind, I was pretty thrown when I first listened to "I'll Be Damned" and was presented with a tender, acoustic, beautiful love song. You can imagine sitting around a campfire, slugging from a jug of wine, and holding your loved one while Coy serenades you beneath the massive Texas sky. You'd probably tear up, don't lie.

Coy's songwriting is solid and traditional. Yer Bird mentions Townes Van Zandt, which I can certainly hear. For me though, Coy channels the cryptic honesty of Chris Whitley impeccably. Those are big shoes to fill and Coy carries on the tradition admirably. Both artists have that natural ability to write music that cuts right to your soul. Emotions are laid out bare, pretension be damned.

Caleb Coy released Wild Desert Rose on Yer Bird Records and it's a beautiful collection of songs. The recordings are billed as "demo-style", but the extreme lo-fi nature perfectly suits Coy's intimate style. Pick up the album and get in touch with your tender side. Coy will be touring in October so check the Yer Bird site often for dates!