Bryan John Appleby: Timber! Concert Footage

Some unearthed footage has recently been posted on the world wide internet of Bryan John Appleby performing at the Timber! Outdoor Music Festival in Carnation Washington. This event boasted a seriously engrossing line up of artists (many of whom have been featured here on Those Who Dig) and put them on outdoor stages in the great outdoors of Washington State. Sadly, my relocation to the Pacific Northwest was just a little to late to take in this event personally, but I'm all in for next year. Regardless, Bryan John Appleby is a favorite of mine and I was happy to sneak a peak of his set from July 26th where he was caught performing both his own song, The Words Of The Revelator, and the Simon & Garfunkel classic Sounds of Silence

Even though this appears to be a bootleg camera phone video, the audio is balanced (props to the Timber! audio engineers for that one) and BJA's prodigious tenor voice rings out clear and true. If this taste of Bryan John Appleby has you in the mood for more, check out our other articles about him here, or swing into his bandcamp page to listen to, and consider purchasing his latest album Fire On The Vine. You can also get at our man via Facebook and Twitter. You dig?