Brooklyn Video Roundup

You may have noticed a relative lack of posts on my part over the past month or so. I finally have replaced my computer and am ready to get back to sharing great music. I want to start off with some cool videos I've seen from Brooklyn acts.

There is a LOT going on in this video for "Swim" by Sunglasses. It's like Michel Gondry meets Raymond Chandler, with a lot more thrown in, such as fight sequences, fires, "underwater" adventures, lust and betrayal, and dancing. This is a song I really dig, and it is cool to see such a creative video paired with it. This is from their album Wildlife.

Sunglasses – Swim from The Smallest Violin on Vimeo.

Celeste first appeared on TWD via a band called the Monarchs with the incredibly infectious tune "Business Casual." Then, we shared her foray into using hip-hop samples for her Ft. Celete project. The J. Dilla-based track "Gets That Thing" recently surfaced in video form and you should check it out. It's a colorful (or more accurately, makes good use of color), energetic performance. Celeste and her partner have some serious moves.

Parquet Courts are a Brooklyn band that has been getting a lot of buzz with their album Light Up Gold. They have released a pretty rad video for "Borrowed Time" that captures their live energy .The performance is from a recent show at Death By Audio in Williamsburg. I like how their songs pack a lot of punch into brief run times, and judging from the good time the crowd is having, I'd say there are a lot of people that feel the same.

Finally, we have the latest from Ex Cops, a video for "Separator," which features dancing on a bar and a cool shot of the band playing above a half-pipe, among other things. This track is from their album True Hallucinations, which came out recently and has even been given a shout out from Bob and Robin at All Songs Considered. As a fan of the podcast, I know that's a huge honor. As a fan of what I've heard from Ex Cops so far, I know they deserved it. I really like their harmonies.