Bramzwig: Big Spender

Bramzwig is a 21 year old New York rapper with one mixtape entitled The Roaring Twenty already under his belt. This morning I stumbled upon his new single Big Spender where he remixes the sumptuous Peggy Lee classic of the same name into his own creation.

Essentially there are only three parts of music, (melody, harmony, and rhythm) but hip hop places little focus on melody*. If that's the case than the harmony and rhythms have to be engaging enough to hold my interest. I enjoy Bramzwig's Big Spender because of his tight rhythm scheme and alliteration. I love the fast tempo of his lyrics and really enjoy the inventiveness of a Peggy Lee sample. This morning Bramzwig sent me scrambling through my LPs looking for the original 1966 Peggy Lee release, which is just fine with me any morning.

He is doling out his second mixtape called Newer York at the end of this month so keep your antenna up. Find more Bramzwig on Twitter, and YouTube as well. 

*Generalization, don't take it personally.