Bonus Roundup: Jan 8 – 14, 2012

Bonus Roundup is way for us to quickly share more of the great music sent our way. I wasn't sure it would become a regular feature but I don't see the submissions of cool songs and videos slowing down any time soon. That's not a complaint.

-We begin with the found footage video for an overblown super catchy garage rock song "Red Scared" by The Bat's Pajamas.

-Here's a nice folk song reminscent of the Fleet Foxes called "Until" from the Sunderland, UK's Lilliput.

Until by lilliputband

-Changing it up with some moody, down beat music from Seluah and their song "The Other Side of the Gun."

Seluah, "The Other Side of the Gun" by karatebody

-The music of this track is just infectious. It's called "Remembrance of Things to Come" by Princeton.

-I think this video for "Boy of Nine" by Buxton is neat for showing the lyrics and other handwritten details, along with other clips and photographs interspersed. It's a cool folk-rock song too.

Ernest Gonzales makes some very interesting electronic music. Check out this track "The Prudence of Evolution."

Ernest Gonzales – The Prudence of Evolution by FoFMusic

-We featured the really wonderful song "Business Casual" by the Monarchs last fall (a song that came this close to making my favorite tracks of 2011 list). Lead singer Celeste has dropped a mixtape of her singing and rapping over various hip hop tracks. It shows that she's got quite the range of talent. I really like this first track "Loose in the Knees" but you should also be sure to hear her go over Ghostface with "Make Some." It's pretty incredible.

Loose in the Knees by Monarchs

-This song "Make Time for the Boy" by Dominant Legs has a sort of easy listening, 80s vibe to it, but it also is really hard not to like. Check out the video below.

Dominant Legs – "Make Time For The Boy" from stereogum on Vimeo.

-We bring things to a close with the best track of the week from a band named after a movie about a Jamaican bobsled team. That's right, COOLRUNNINGS. It's a pretty sweet track called "Spirit of the High."