Bonus Roundup: Jan 29 – Feb 4, 2012

Here's a bonus roundup of tunes for your Thursday night!

-We don't typically feature much R&B in our roundups (I guess we don't get a lot of it sent to us) but here's a pretty good song called "Curiosity" from Vaughn Anthony featuring the rapper Dunson.

-Changing it up, we have a nice instrumental track from Jonathan Michell called "Mojave Night." I couldn't find much about him, but that link goes to Australian record label Special Award Records, which hosts him and several other cool acts.

-Faris McReynolds must be a talented dude. He's enjoyed success as a painter and now he has offered some kicking fuzzed out rock as ExDetectives. I'm digging "The Lawn."

Wonder Villains are a young band from North Ireland and their youthful exuberance is evident on the infectious track "Ferrari." It's big and fun, one of those "instant summer" jams so welcome in the dead of winter.

-From a young band to a song called "So Young" from Houston's The Tontons. They have a classic pop vibe, reminds a little of The Cardigans, only if they were a heartland US band instead of Swedish.

-You might expect something arty and all over the place when hearing the name Dada Trash Collage, and I suppose that's not entirely untrue, but there's definitely cohesion and tunefulness to a song like "Migraine" – and it's a much more pleasant listening experience than experiencing a headache of the titular sort.

-Here's a young band with an old sound: vintage surf, garage pop with a rough, lo-fi sheen but bright hooks. They are called Sauna and I really dig this song of theirs called "Please Don't Go Away."

-I mentioned Sweden above, now here's an actual band from there: Francis. Single "Traktor" has the typical catchy and polished aura I have come to expect and love from the Swedes. Having some embed trouble, so click here to listen.

-Closing it out with DC-based band Access Royale and their song "Hide," an earnest and driving indie rock song.