Big Deal – Teradactol

Big Deal released a great album in 2012 and they are already gearing up for more in 2013. Check out their latest video, "Teradactol."

I'm not sure what the album will be called or when it comes out or really anything else about it, but perhaps this UK-based duo is headed in a heavier direction. Songs on debut Lights Out often emphasized acoustic guitars, or at least, the interplay between acoustic and electric. A typical tune would get crunchy on the chorus. Here, there's some clean electric for just a few seconds before the song roars. It never lets up until some vocal only bits towards the end.

I don't mind this because I love this kind of melodic yet heavy guitar-based music. It's impossible to know for sure that Big Deal won't have any acoustic stuff – and I'm betting they will – but what they do still have is the wonderful vocal harmonizing between Alice and Kasey. These two just sound good together, and their light, spacey remove contrasts nicely with the loudness of the instruments. The inclusion of drums, or more likely drum machine, is new, too and gives more propulsion to the track.

The video is all sensation, swirling colors and occasional glimpses of Alice and Kasey. It's much more impressionistic and gives the song a little more mystery and otherness. It does show electric guitar, which is a departure from the acoustic that amplified via distortion pedals employed by Kasey when I saw them live. So it seems likely Big Deal are trying some new things, but aren't straying too far from what made them so enjoyable in the first place. I look forward to hearing more of this album and will share further details when they are revealed.