Big Deal – Chair

Let's just keep this simple. Big Deal is a duo who will absolutely live up to their name – if they haven't already, that is.

A little bit of uptempo acoustic guitar strumming and an opening line "You don't trust me to sit on your bed," sung by Alice Costelloe. That's all it took for "Chair" to plant itself deep inside my ears and heart. It was one of those special moments when a listener instantly and intuitively responds to a song within merely a few seconds. I just knew the simple beauty and emotional poignancy would hold forth, and they certainly did. Things are augmented by another guitar and the harmonies of the duo's male half, Kacey Underwood. So on paper, it's only two guitars and two voices, but the combination creates a sensation of something much more magical.

I love the pairing of the soft and loud instruments and the way the voices mesh. Alice has a voice that makes you hear her words pretty quickly. I know I was wrapped in the account of this one-sided relationship and heartache right away, and that doesn't always happen for me. The words are very vivid and it is really incredible how they have written a song that puts into words a complex, messy situation – one which I'm sure everyone has found themselves in at least once – in such a catchy way. It captures so much on an emotional level. And the video is enjoyable; I particularly like the air hockey. All in all, this is a highly diggable one, folks. 

Big Deal – Chair by Big Deal

Their album Lights Out is available only in the UK currently, but an EP (featuring this song) will be released on October 25th and the album is due out January 24, 2012 here in the US. Hard time to wait, though you can at least check out the band's website and Facebook page for plenty more to tide you over.