Ben Maney and Countless Sheep


Ben Maney – Green Apple Trees

Ben Maney – Panther in the Snow


It's a really great feeling to have an album pop up in the mail that is unique and sincere enough on first listen that it warrants more and more spins. I got Ben Maney and Countless Sheep's album the other day complete with the most endearing of handwritten notes – the kind of note that makes it evident the man loves his music and craft and will do anything he can to share it.

Every song on Drinking the World From a Glass is a gentle tour through a variety of styles. There is acoustic folk, free form jazz, electric geetars, country leanings, and sonic soundscapes. Most of the time the hodgepodge blends nicely with Maney's hushed voice to create a laid-back autumn album made for dark nights.

On second and third listen, what started to seep through the sound was a recreation of my sentimental past. Drinking the World From a Cup hits a note from most great genres I've loved. It's touching to hear a blues tune mash into orchestrated strings before building to a jazzy closing. I was enamored with Jim Guthrie in high school for much the same reason. So Small introduced me to the multi-genre singer-songwriter who works still works within the confines of the indie rock aesthetic. Personally, I'm excited to see where Ben Maney can take his music next.