Ben Folds

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I'll always love Ben Folds. It's true, the man will always hold a place in my heart. Something about his vocals and piano lines just fuckin' gets me. It's pure nostalgia through and through, I know this. But one of the absolute greatest aspects of music is it's ability to lay itself somewhere deep in your soul, effect you in some profound way, and then come bursting back out every time you hear it. It can be a song, a note, a chord, a voice, a melody, whatever. What's moving is the emotional effect it has on you, and Ben Folds has always moved me.

It's about time for his Shrine induction and a video from my wee high school years. It's also a continuation of my recent pinings for the straightforward pop rock of my childhood.

I've been listening to basically everything he's ever put out for years (and seen him live twice) and after a short break, I've recently revisited his tremendous catalogue. I bought the DVD of Ben Folds Five's The Complete Sessions at West 54th in high school and it's a great, if sometimes awkward, example of a band at the peak of their powers. I say awkward not because of the performance, but because of the setting which placed the band on a stage surrounded by a live audience who sits and is rather quiet the whole time. Although this just makes the occasional shots of the roadies dancing their asses off in the background that much funnier.

This is the hilariously awesome performance of "Underground" at the West 54th Sessions. Enjoy my nostalgia: